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Ginger Sweet Chili Sauce

Well today I started the morning with a recipe in mind, a Savory Dill infused Poblano Hot Sauce. Luckily for all of us I had a moment of inspiration and decided to go in a totally opposite direction. I’ve been growing ginger in my back garden for two years now and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to cook a rich tasting Hot Sauce using home grown ginger and Poblano peppers. Of course I had to throw in a few Bhut Jolokia peppers and some of the beautiful Dorset Naga peppers from the garden.
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Vindaloo Hot Sauce Recipe

I have the utmost respect for a restaurant if they can produce a great Vindaloo. For us at home cooking a true vindaloo is said to be impossible, only a very hot flame in a chefs kitchen is said to dry off a vindaloo. This is the first step in releasing the flavor of the ingredients.
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Mango Cardamom Hot Sauce

I’m so glad I made this Mango Cardamom Hot Sauce. This is a great Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe, the initial Subtle Mango flavor lingers while big hits of heat, Cardamom, Lime and soothing cinnamon rush across your taste buds. It’s an accompaniment which will sit nicely on a plate of curry, especially with a rich tasting Vindaloo. This is a big bold tasting Hot Sauce with plenty of bite, 10 Dorset Naga chilli peppers add a great depth of flavor and heat to this recipe.
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HomeMade BBQ Sauce Recipe

Here’s my earthy flavoured BBQ Sauce Recipe. With oven baked ingredients such as Garlic, Red Onions, Pears and even beetroot this is a very nice Barbecue Sauce Recipe. There’s also dates, mustard seeds, a few very spicy Hot Peppers, malt vinegar and molasses.
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Peppercorn Sauce Recipe

If you want to learn How To Make A Pepper Sauce for steak then you are in for a real treat as we have the best Peppercorn Sauce Recipe on the net. What stands out in this pepper sauce recipe is the mix of Green Pepper and Black Pepper. There are other important ingredients which all come together to make this a great Steak Sauce Recipe but its the pepper that is the strongest flavor.
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Poblano Hot Sauce Recipe

This Homamde Hot Sauce recipe is a slightly sweet sauce with a good depth of flavor and a wicked kick. With Bhut Jolokia peppers, Poblano Peppers and sweet corn its a simple sauce with a high level of heat. You could leave out the super hot Bhut Peppers and then it would be suitable for the whole family.
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Extreme Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipe

This is the most extreme Homemade Hot Sauce I’ve ever made, the Hot Sauce recipe is a basic Buffalo Wing Sauce but I have tweaked the recipe into a Hot Sauce that is seriously scary. So what makes it extreme? The answer is the addition of a homemade Chili Extract.
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Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

Evey Homemade Hot Sauce fanatic seems to start with a Habanero Hot Sauce recipe, this Habanero Hot Sauce recipe is similar to one of the wing sauces I make but with a few extra twists and turns that makes it rather unique.
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Cayenne Fermented Hot Sauce

This Fermented Hot Sauce can be used as the base ingredient for various Hot Sauce recipes. If possible I would suggest using only one type of chili pepper so that you can enjoy the pure true flavor of the chili. You can also use this Hot Sauce as a puree.
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Homemade Tomatillo Sauce Recipe

A spicy Tomatillo sauce recipe with Jalapeno Peppers and Green Peppercorns. This is a sauce recipe that can be bottled and stored. I really tried to add some kick to this Hot Sauce recipe, althought its not fiery hot it does have a good spice kick from the Green Peppercorns.
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Quick Chili Sauce Recipe

This is a Quick Chili Sauce recipe that is extremely versatile. It can be blended to be used as Vinegar Hot Sauce or left chunky for a chili sauce base, if you want it would also be great has a Hot Sauce for a Chili Dog. Unlike my other Hot Chili Sauce recipes this sauce doesn’t use freshly grown chili peppers.
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Jalapeno Wasabi Hot Sauce

This Hot Sauce Recipe is a smooth rich fusion of Grilled Jalapenos, Wasabi, Mango, Teriyaki flavors and Roasted Tomatillo. Trust me this is a great sauce, it’s combination of ingredients are different to a lot of the fruity flavored Hot Sauce Recipes on the site.
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Most of the recent recipes also have short tips related to making great Homemade Hot Sauce. You can substitute the chillies listed in the recipes with store peppers like Habanero or other common peppers. In the Chili Sauce Recipes I’ve mainly used super hot chili peppers like Bhut Jolokias, 7 pods, Butch T Scorpions, Fatalli, Douglahs and Barrack Pore 7 pods.

Chili Sauce Recipe. Our Chili Sauce Recipe range includes a Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe, Fruit based Hot Sauce recipes, smokey Chipolte chili sauce, Green Chili Sauce Recipes, Yellow Chili Sauce Recipes, Habanero Chili Sauce Recipes, Jalapeno Chili Sauce Recipes, Scorpion Hot Sauce Recipes, an extreme Hot Wing Sauce recipe and many other Chili Sauce Recipes.

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The Hot Sauce Addiction

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